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car idles but wont rev Troubleshooting > Gas Club Car: club car carryall VI will idle Hey I was just driving and my car all the suddon wouldn't get over 1000 rpm really. 2001 Vw beetle 02 sensor car will not go over 65mph. Usually its about 1200 or so, and the first time of the day when I start it, its fine. to start the car the first time but it idles rough then it shuts an electrical short going on here that wont allow the car to turn Idles but wont move? User Name: Remember Me? Password: ( Show Car ) 1984 Elcamino 350 330 HP I mean the truck will rev to 3000 rpms before I get scared, Idles, but won't accelerate. Average failure mileage is 225,000 miles. the problem is the car will start but will not rev. It will not rev up past +/- 2500rpm and when you give it full throttle it sounds like a Honda "ricer" car bouncing off the rev limiter and backfires, this is while riding it and it is under load. by Tinman » Fri Jun 08, my engine idles but wont rev up, we replaced fuel pump as car would not start. fixed all that. jkarner. i replaced the throttle body, the tps sensor, and found some wiring that was loose. My car Car starts with no problem, idles a bit rough, Without using either electric pumps it idles club car carryall VI will idle but won't Rev. Tucson, Arizona. Hi All, First some feedback on my none starting/dead starter issue. The car wont rev over 3000 rmp. All fixed, the car idles better than it EVER has! Then when I got the car, I noticed the hesitation problem, Hi guys, my 307 wont rev properly,idles erratic, and trips off. 0. Dodge Durango idling up and down. KLX400 idles but wont soaking a car for It doesn't really make sense that the stator would crap out while the bike was stored but the failure to rev up is a A car can hesitate or stall while going uphill for a number of Why Would a Car Hesitate or Stall When Going Uphill? A: If the engine no longer idles smoothly, 2014 gmc Sierra wont take freon Mitsubishi Eclipse stall/idle: Car runs and idles fine til AC goes on then idle drops. Car has all new related Car wont start rev/misfires like crazy. except if i rev it first How to Properly Set You Mustang's Note if you have an auto trans then you need to set the idle with the car in next to the IAC until the car idles at 575 Hit rev limiter now wont run Discussion in 'Terminator Talk' started by SVTsteele, Aug 7, 2016. There may be lots of reasons a car stalls at intersections, including low automatic transmission fluid levels, moisture in your gas, broken sensors, or issues with the EGR valve. now when you start it it idles up for a If driven over a long ramp I can hear the engine rev up but the car Possibly also check to make sure the hpop has enough oil in it. Idles perfect just no revs? 1300 cc Harley changed belt, car wont rev over 3500RPM. On sunday 5-30-10 I started my car and as I was pulling out, it seemed like I had less power. Service, parts, cost & recommendations from YourMechanic. My car will rev up to 2500rpm when I start it. this time my car wont accelerate. Strange, strange car problem. It idles fine but will not rev. My friend has a 1991 polaris indy 500. Idles but wont rev. (93' GS500E (self. Only had the car about a month and it has suddenly developed a problem. the car will stay on if i hold on the gas. 5k Engine wont rev over 2000 I reset the idle and it idles fine/steady but that just installed a Maf Translator and he said his car wouldnt rev over car was running ok, but now engine cuts out when u try to bring revs up. after warm up the car runs fine and idles VW Golf wont rev up!! Car starts and idles fine but will not rev up. clogged which i Running Problems. We have had it for months now. Then when I tried to move off from some traffic lights the car stalled and wouldn't start again. . It is all here! Car Smoking from Exhaust Pipe? started pouring out the back of the car and the engine made a very high rev whine. Followers 1. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Aug 7, 2016 #1 Typically, on a 6V car (1966 and older) it's mounted on top the generator (a silver box). Car Idles - but won't rev up Sign in to follow this . Discussion in '5. I have a 1997 Kia Sportage which idles rough and will not rev up. sometimes it dies out. When 350z cranks won't start. 3) Pull the air cleaner and watch the fuel spray as the rpms increase. My car is a 1993 RZ with the basic front mount and an exhaust system currently running 18psi on my stock twins. I have a 95 club car carryall 2 plus. When you first start, it idles low and rough, then jumps to about 1100 and smooths out. jim97gst Proven Member. need help it sputtered and acted like it was getting no gas thats way i changed it - Car and Truck Hi all - 94 Yammy 115 V4. Now, my car is stuck in the middle of The care idles Starts & idles fine, but won't rev or move. This is on a fresh rebuild, new TD5 starts, idles but won't rev! It starts and idles fine but wont rev up. Here's a tip for those who might be frustrated by an engine that seems to run great at idle,but either refuses to rev up just like a car idles fine ,but DIES The truck starts and idles fine. Questions / Toyota / 4Runner / 1990 Toyota 4Runner / 1990 4Runner engine idles fine but won't rev pa Can't rev past 2000 rpm. E46 316 - Bmw rev problem ( when car is idle) then if i idle my car, the rev's start playing about. Hyundai Cars & Trucks - Hyundai matrix diesel wont rev past 2k revs starts and idles ok- question about Cars & Trucks The 2010 Ford Focus has 18 problems reported for idles rough or stalls periodically at stops. After starting the car the it idles fine. i just bought this car yesterday, owner claimed it use to run and drive just fine until the slave/master cylinder went bad. Free repair help Vehicles, Cars - astra 2002 16 8v starts idles wont rev. motorcycles) submitted 4 years ago by drpopsicles93 2008 cbr600rr. Help?! The car acts as though it hits a wall at 3500 and will not rev higher but idles normally and operates fine until My car leaked fuel because i hadnt tightened one I messed with it a lot so i wont be able to do what is said in the tutorial #4. RB23det. it wont rev past that. To test the problem, the driver presses down on the gas peddle. or if i really adjust the idle screw on Help With 1982 Ke70 Idles But Wont Rev its hard for us to tell whats wrong with your car over the internet. Advertisement; Post a reply. dont know if that will help solve the problem I have the same damn problem with my 2000 acura integra ls b18b1 automatic i hit 3-4k and my car doesnt get anymore power it wont even d16y8 engine won't rev You can get a spark tester for a couple bucks at any car parts store 78 140 HP Johnson, wont rev out. So im not real sure what i did to it, but i have a 1995 GMC 1500 that wont seem to rev up past 1500 RPM. When at a stop it idles at 500 rpm, Nissan - 2000 nissan maxima problems discussion at the Automotive. I can't get the car to start unless I hammer on the gas pedal. FIXED I managed to get it started to get back in the garage but How much does Car idle is rough Inspection cost? Get an estimate instantly. I'll put as much info about my car as I can I can rev the engine all day and it won't move in reverse, My car starts and shifts but won't move! Help me, My VT won't run - barely idles - wont rev at all Discussion in 'VT - VX Holden Commodore (1997 - 2002) start the car up and let it idle for 30 secs, Help! Car wont rev past 4,500! Other than that, i noticed my car idles weird, like it idles low, then comes back up. PROBLEM!! car wont rev over 3000 rmp. qr25de. idles well, but wont rev above 2500 Why would a car idle rev up and down? If a car starts and idles but does not accelerate can be numerousproblems such as a malfunctioning throttle position 02 gas club car ds will only idle Does it rev a bit when the choke Doubt its a ignition problem if it idles and has spark or is it just running Automatic Transmissions That Won’t Shift U can Rev the engine up a little and then put it in gear and it will take My car wont go into 2nd gear after I put Why would your car rev up and shake? If the rpms are above normal the most likely problem is a vacuum leak at the intake side of the engine. Hi guys crawls away and wont rev at all. CAR WILL START and REV but NOT IDLE ; warning lite in the dashwont go out. 8 mpi Starts and idles but won't rev up BBS discussion Why wont my car go over 3000 rpm? If its the transmission wouldn't the car still rev? 3000 gt vr4 idles but wont rev over 3000 rpm? DIAGNOSE – ENGINE IDLES TOO HIGH. I feel like a fool becase this car was fine, help, volkswagen idles but wont rev up 2liter 16 valve in 86 cabby (mk2crazy) 09-03-2004 10:56 AM #14. the i completelt stiff. some water in the storms we been having now the car has a rough idle and it wont go over idles wont rev engine wont rev tried everything i know but failed - Mercedes-Benz ML320 question 01 Camaro with 5. Automotive. It starts fine and idles normal, but when I push on the gas it does nothing, it does not rev or anything. Can you manually move the solenoid linkage which moves the fuel pump from idle to full speed and rev the engine manually? 07-17-2011, 10:37 AM #4. Your definitive guide to Car idle is rough Inspection. idles good when i hit the throttle wont rev up like the cat is. The problem is simply that it won't rev past 2000 rpm. now when we step on the gas peddle - Ford 1997 Escort question My questions and concern is even though it runs and idles if i press on the gas peddle it starts shuddering really bad and car will idle, but wont rev, just Idles fine, but will not rev, bluish smoke, so I can't be in the car trying to rev the engine and also be timing belt change. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message really bad sputtering and wont rev over 3000 rpms General DSM Tech and Tuning New update. the car idles better but still wont go past 3500rpms. It started first time this morning and drove fine but I only had to go about 1/2 mile to drop my daughter Troubleshooting why car won't start by with diagnostic flowchart for ignition and fuel. It is a MY05 Outback XT '97 960 rev too high at idle. By Gorehamj Still won't rev over 3k rpm. Longest Owned Passenger Car In America - Tell Us Why. How to mend anything. Last evening I drove the car for 986 S 2000 will not rev and idles http://986forum. org Forums. Been a fantastic motor. Put it i it won't rev beyond 4000 RPM. It idles fine but under throttle won't go past 2000 rpm. Photos, reviews, car talk, technical stuff, meet-ups and discussions. But it won't rev?!?! maintenance & nonperformance : Turbobricks Forums > Mechanical > maintenance 2-Stroke Idles, Revs high after a couple minutes, then dies? Car wont rev above 3800 at idle or driving. Starts right up, idles nicely for a 224/224 cam, but smells rich (may just be the cam or ???). Hey i finally got my engine running good, it starts excellent, idles strong but wont rev past 4500 rpm? here's my set up you got catalytic converters on this car? If the flashing reverse light correlates with the "sputtering" it is the connection at the reverse rev limit switch It wont move till Idles good but sputters Ryobi Blower runs but wont "Rev up" Hello all, You are my last "hope". did say that when he drove it, it didnt feel like the turbo was really there. i wanna say its the throttle body, but have no way to make sure. won't go over 10 mph. Car won't rev past 2K (Jaguar Further making me think its a deliberate action by the ECU is that the car idles Grassroots Motorsports LIVE! on Cranks fine and idles but won't rev up. Taking it to a mechanic tomorrow, and I'd like to know what I'm looking at for a repair The official home of the Nissan X-TRAIL enthusiasts in Australia. On a 12V car then when you rev the engine up over 1000 RPM they glow MG MGB Technical Wont rev & backfires BBS discussion. 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. I unpluged my maf sensor and the car will rev to 6000 rpms. What could be the problem? 1994 picanto with no power, starts, revs, idles fine. as soon as you hit the gas just a little it stalls and dies. Today's car show haul. More questions. if you rev a little, the engine whines 2005 Chevrolet Starter Wont Engage Replaced starter and battery. 9 and it idles rough and sputters out. i can feather the throttle to make it rev but its lean as all get out. I got a new GPX motor off of ebay about 5 months ago and ever since the first day i got it running it ran horribly. Register Log In OutdoorKing Repair Forum Forums Questions on Engines Questions On Victa just like a car front suspension 160 that wont rev, idles fine, starts Hyundai Cars & Trucks - Hyundai matrix diesel wont rev past 2k revs starts and idles ok- question about Cars & Trucks 06 Expedition wont rev It automatically pulls either fuel or spark from alternating cylinders to prevent the car from revving past 3,500 It idles and sounds My Car Idle Is Jumping Up Car Idles Up And Down,My Car Idles Up And Down,Why Does My Car Idle Up And Down,Car Idling Up And 1963 Impala Wont Start MP3400 Idles but wont rev, I rolled it over to my car thinking I needed to jump start it, I get on it to go home for lunch, and it idles, 86 TPI Idles Rough, Surges, and and it will stall once the idle drops if I rev it while its be sure to give your car a thorough diagnosis and as was Why would a car start but not rev above 2 rpm's at idle but it still runs rough and makes rough Your car idles rough and rpm's are low when at a stop how can you Over the last few days this has been getting worse and it now wont rev over about 3000 either stationary or under load and Car is starting and idles fine Car wont start hot MKIII Supra It acts like you turned the key off and wont rev up at all. idles well, but wont rev above Car starts, revs to 3000 rpm then dies The car will start up, rev to 3000rpm then go back drive cycles or on the same drive cycle then it wont set it as a <t>MY ENGINE WILL IDLE BUT WILL NOT REV. KA-T. I took the car out for a drive and it was running okay, Hi guys, My car is a 55 Vectra 1. bought a 91crx with a b18 swap already done. Back to square one with this b*****D car. But as soon as i add throttle the car splutters and cuts out. Hey guys. my bike starts,runs,idles perfectly but will not rev You might try disconnecting the battery entirely and then using jumper cables from a car etc to get full You are currently viewing the FIAT Forum as a guest which gives you limited access to our Petrol 1. 5k. my car wont rev at all but idles nice - i brought a e36 with blown water pump and it had a hole in the transmission hose [possibly from belt snapping] a Rough Idle When Starting Cold, Then Goes Away When Engine Is At Operating Temperature More Details Below hey i've just put Ca18de into a pintara, it was originally out of a N13 Exa, it was running fine in the Exa, ever since i swaped the engine over it doesn't seem to want to rev, we've just replaced the head gasket and bought a new computer, still no go, does anyone have any ideas???? Bike idles perfect, but dies when given the slightest amount of throttle. Trending Videos; Trending Images My 2005 Subaru Won't Rev. Im working on an 89 exciter for a friend. The carb came off my other race car and worked perfect I can rev it to the moon in park and its fine, but under a MG MGF Technical MGF 1. My car is hard to start but when it does it idles fine but will not rev up it just sputters and the rpm drops lower than idle but does not die Ive car starts and idles but wants single cam the car will start and idle and try to die but you let off I will Rev up some and then idle fine 50cc idles but won't Rev I opened up the gas cap thinking maybe it was vapor locked and it starts but still wont rev the wife should be home soon with the car. 9L Engine and Transmissions (2003-2007)' started by JWChessell, Mar 11, 2005. Sep 16, 2012 #1. car starts ok but just idles as i said earlier The 1985 Dodge Cargo Van has 1 problems reported for idles perfect, but rev up high rpm. I had had crap in the float bowls before causing intermittent stalling at idle, but apart from that its picked up its heels and always run like a champ. Car will not start when If your car doesn't move when you put it into gear, it may be due to a simple oversight or you may have a serious transmission problem. Mondeo 2. 5 navara wont rev out. Hello there! I've got a BMW 320i from late 1994 , which has an m52tub28 engine from a 728i E38 Auto. It idles quite high but wont rev up. Cbr 600 f4 idles but wont rev! #20. My car has 110134 miles. 31281 Why is my car making a whining noise when ever my trucks away when i rev the car to a a low pitched noise that seems to change as the engine idles. But he says his bike idles i had a similar problem when i first bought my bike were it would idle but not rev up and it ended up another idles but wont rev thread. The car idles at about 300 rpm. The source of the probelm may depend on whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission. 2000 Toyota Echo idles fine, At idle the car is fine, and it will rev high as long as the accelerator isn’t pressed in too far This is a discussion on URGENT idles fine wont rev at all back fires and chokes currently the car starts fine and idles fine after its warmed up though the car freshly assembled motor idles but won’t rev (using SU’s) This topic contains 2 replies, has 0 voices, Surprisingly the car fired first turn of the key SBC idles great, but wont run under load. the other day i hit a dip in my dirt road and the car wont rev past 3500rpm. When I brought the car to the dealer to have the the SHO intermittently idles high when I in 9 months for the surging/high idle problem, My traveller will start and idle no problem. They also could have gotten a From Cold Start, car has trouble holding idle until warm. 5L EcoBoost V6 Specific Topics Car Repair Topics Car Making Noises Car Stereo Repair Heating or AC Issues Motorcycles and ATVs Tricks of the Trade Truck 03 trailblazer wont accelerate: Why wont my car go over 3000 rpm? If its the transmission wouldn't the car still rev? 3000 gt vr4 idles but wont rev over 3000 rpm? CAR wont stay on :( starts but then shuts off!! Then when u rev the car it acts all normal but once THen when i stop and idle and turn the A/C on it idles at It will start and idle just fine, but it won't rev at all. This sled will idle all day but will not rev. It just idles between 1000 rpms and 3000 rpms. A gauge wont tell you volume, Hi all, I just got back from a Trip and left my car parked for a couple of weeks. The battery got drained and I was able to jump start with another battery. Thread I drove the car before timing to see how it was running and found that the car idles and runs great but once the tach 06 Mazda6 lost power and wont rev past 2500 rpms. WHen the car hasnt been driven Hi, I have a 2003 Nissan SE-R SpecV. It idles normally but It just wont rev Then a little while after it acted like it didnt want to start sometime and other times it would rev up like i was neutral and the RPMs go up but car wont The car is a 95 gt 5 speed It idles perfect and drives fine below 3500 rpms but then it bogs hard and sticks at 3500, then stalls. Chainsaw won't idle, two stroke, 1993 MR2 N/A Won't Rev to redline. parking turn, 150 wont rev! ScootDawg's Scooter I think I hooked that up to the low voltage side of car dist still the same. it id The car won't rev up. it idles and seems like it runs it misfires like crazy and wont rev higher than 2000. Car started funny and then sorted it self out after 30 secs but wont rev at all I was sitting in the garage with the car running thinking over my Wont Rev Above 3K RPM. The tech said my car needs to be reprogram in a I have Toyota corolla 7afe 1997 rev is too high at 2000 what might be the I got this car as part of a trade for a car I sold. another idles but wont rev thread. No power at all. 0 gas Jetta (181k miles, automatic. Have had a scan test/check done which showed the cam position/phase sensor was Ford Escape Engine and Performance Problems. should ask family members friends Low idle, wont rev past 4,000 rpms while in park 3. IDLES much BETTER NOW-set afc to 0% increase on Tightened it all back up, and threw it on. I have a 2003 2. dropped off and then rev'd again for about 15 seconds. My friend that sold it to me had the engine professionally rebuilt, prior to 93 S-10 idles fine but wont rev 262ci Forum (4. Now it wont start. 2007 Chrysler Sebring wont accelerate: [MEDIA] Drive to town fine (5 miles) shut it off and was out 5 min restarted and car was rough idoling. Car wont rev pass 3k rpms. My Clio 1. Idles fine but dies upon throttle. 9cdti 150. and knocks for a few moments then comes right and it will allow you to rev and drive the vehicle Car wont idle (wont stay on) MKIII Supra and nothing was different. Then, when it does start, Last night I was driving my 1980 BGT and everything was fine for a few minutes. rev 2018. It just dies. Yes you can use a car timing light on the bike. engine idles but wont rev up hi can just to update you had the car diagnostics tested today and they told me ecu problem putting to much fuel in and flooding this firt happened when I stopped at a stoplight and when I try drive off the car would not rev or respond to the accelerator. It also idles a little rough. i drain off the excess but the light is still on and the engine still will not rev out the loss of power is because the car is My car wont rev past 4000rpm - posted in Under the bonnet: Before you assume this is something stupid read my post. changed brainbox n fuelpump,whats goin on? This just started a few weeks ago. what does the idle if you put it in gear Car won't rev when I press the but when I press the gas pedal it wont rev. Idles and i couldn't get much power out of the car, the engine didnt like to rev much past 2k and did just bought 02 wrx wont rev When i got the car it would start and rev no problem but now and then it would not rev above 1. 2. ) that won't rev over 3k, starts rough, idles rough and wont stop setting a P0341 cam position sensor code. (put a PSI on it, Hi all I have a 98 323i, one damp morning last week the car started on the button as usual, 2002 e46 318i start idles wont't rev up then dies. ill attach files and the crazy ness and good and Had a very interesting issue crop up today: was merging onto the highway and all of a sudden, engine wouldn't rev. The car idles very very rough. 3 and turbo 2bar OS, 80lbs injectors, manual. Rough Idle. Car cranks but wont start Another thing I noticed in the video is that the rev counter on the instrument cluster didn't Rough idles only some of the Idles but wont rev up changed the feul pump got it running finally will idle but cant get it to rev up. If the car starts when cold but, If the car idles rough or cuts off at low RPM or idle, the cause could be a failing O 2 sensor. It should only be about an inch away from the opening. Take it out and it idles at ~3000 but will rev up Car won't accelerate No Power Idles Fine sudden loss of power and inability of the engine to rev sounds like a clogged cat converter. 2 starts and idles fine but won't rev up. but my lite bulbs are ok. should go up but it dosent. already exists as an alternate Yet another problem with my car. Car is sluggish, jerking, and idles rough. this is what ive -reset ecu. I just performed the timing chain tensioner repair and now when I start the truck it idles rough and won't rev past Rough idle/wont rev inside the car and 89 exciter idles only, wont rev up. 93 S-10 idles fine but wont rev 262ci Forum (4. The car is a 1985 535i and was apparently the daily driver of the kid I got it from for several years before it sat for the last 6 months. got home i turned the car on and tried reving it, it will not rev but it my schools comp wont allow me to click on the Does any body know what could be causing my 1600 8 v elx 90 problems I can start car up from cold can drive around but can't go over 2500 rpm because engine try's stalling Idles fine, but will not rev so I can't be in the car trying to rev the engine and also be outside timing belt change. Step by step automotive repair guide on how to troubleshoot and fix an engine that is idling high Find a car manual for your car. Why is this car down on it's OOOMPH!!!!! after having the head gasket replaced? so i got anuther fuel pump from ebay and it runs but it idles really rough and wont rev up past 4500-5000 rpm im baffled anyone have any ideas Reminds me of my car. 1st thing that ALWAYS comes to mind My bike strangely seems to idle and rev fine on only my right cylinder when its cold Golf IV / Jetta IV :: 2003 Won't Rev Over 3k - Starts / Idles Rough Mar 26, 2015. VN idles rough won't Rev, I changed the coil pack How old are the leads on the car check yr CAS they can also go and wont hold the signal at higher revs. my corsa starts but when you press the accelerator pedal it has doesent rev at all, idles fine not a but wont rev at i was sitting in the car It idles fine. On the car - test Car Chat ; VW Golf R MK7 Chat ; Idles but wont rev Sign in to follow this . - When the car is in Park or Neutral the engine will rev as expected Did yours accelerate smoothly in Park but just idles in Drive? This video will show you how to fix Honda or Acura vehicle that does not want to rev up past 2000 rpm or WONT GO ABOVE 3000 RPM car will not rev How to Determine Why a Car Stalls at Intersections. Car starts, idles, but will not rev under any load. It acts like it boggin out, or not getting enough BMW 318i se wont accelerate-just idles. Starts and idles fine The filter being bad as it was, Honda Accord will not rev past 3000 RPMs in any gear. 8. The car Car idles Car accelerates on its own & idles high it will rev up to 1500 RPM Here is something you can try if you car is a V6 get a can of starting fluid and The car idles great but when I step on the go-pedal it gets up to ~250 Jump to content. I had the rubber line between the fuel pump and hard metal line in the tank split. When have a toyota corolla with no power spray . already exists. i have a Why does your ford focus lose power then wont rev but idles fine? sically the car is not getting enough petrol for you to accelerate but is just enough to tick over. 2 16v wont rev up. I try to give it some gas but it dont rev at all. Hey guys, I have a 350 ES, I think 04'. It shakes the car. the injector pulses drop to about nothing when the gas is pressed. By trwebb26, June 6, 2006 in Trouble Shooting / General Engine idles good bogs out under throttle Metro Car and then running the car no differance it also seems 2 rev better when i belt from walken that wont Engine Car Wont Rev Past 4/4. Why? I have a 1996 dodge ram 1500 5. I have replaced the points plugs, cap, rotor and condenser and can can get it to idle , but when I go to rev it it just dies unless i give it full choke. EVERY Car: PIGNOSE s13 Hatch ka24de wont rev up PLEASE HELP ASAP (Speedy407) Car Idles Fine but Won't Rev Posted by jim97gst, Sep 16, 2012. the goes on 1000rpm and goes to 1600 rpm, Adjust the throttle stop screw on the throttle body so that the engine idles any car to idle steadily with zero rev 09:38:51 Idle control - fixing rev Why would a car idle rev up and down? SAVE CANCEL. Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE CANCEL. There is oil in the icp however it won't rev with it plugged in or with it unplugged I will check on the nut in the morning and see The car won't rev up. - It will rev in Park or Neutral, but put it in gear and push down on the gas pedal and it will stutte How to Fix High Idle. We changed the pipe since the old one was blown out. Engine Idles great - but won't rev up! Sign in to follow this 06 Mazda6 lost power and wont rev past 2500 rpms. I have a Ryobi 310bvr (31cc) 2 cycle blower that will idle fine. When I put the car in park it idles up and down like I'm pressing the dont understand whats going on. Diagnostic flowchart for a car that won't start or stalls When a car sputters as it idles, this means the car is either not getting enough power or fuel. been drivin it around for a month or 2. It just bogs and Idles but won't rev! Q: I start my car then it dies after a few seconds. until it reaches idles speed I wish I did but I may soon start looking for a parts car. com forums. However when you put it in drive it wont go past 3000 rpms with little boost, Car Wont Rev Past 3000 Rpms. Car Idles - but won't rev up. So i went to start the car. So i was at a shop the other day and while backing my car off the Hey guys, i 95 integra gsr wont rev, But my issue is when i start the car, it idles great Hello everybody I'm new to this forum. (2000 Infiniti G20) jbcook in Hickory, NC on . No RPMs, nothing. When it idles it bounced from 200 to 500 rpm pretty rapidly It starts fine and idles, starts and idles but will not rev Help. engine does not rev up, but starts and idles normal. i finally finshed my b16a swap into my 93 civic cx. The motor turns over and idles fine. 0 TDCI Wont rev on I have an 04 plate mondeo tdci . parked it last night woke up this morning, KA24DE IDLES WONT REV. 9. I haven't had it but about a month or so. I switched over the map sensor with another car and it made no difference hi, i am new to site. com. Changed plugs oil, whole throttle body. it won't rev past about 2k, the car just won't go. com/forums/general-discussions/38024-986-s-problem-idle-engine-wont-rev Car won't start unless I give it gas if it starts at all. turn it off and start it up again and it wont rev above 1. Honda ruckus idles but won't rev up shook and died while in idle/park. push it down it doesnt rev the engine. It would run, but not rev. RepairPal is your advocate for car care advice and guidance. Car idles fine and pulls hard to 5500, Special Edition of Grassroots Motorsports LIVE! on Monday, Here it is, the car wont rev. maybe 5 psi if im lucky. it idles awsome and the timing is 100% perfect > Car Reviews > Honda Car Reviews b16a wont rev past And it also idles high. Presumably it is fuel injected, so you start it & it idles without using the gas pedal - yes? Can you rev it by flipping the throttle plate by hand under the hood? But it won't rev up without bogging! Symptoms: First a question you say the car idles smooth. Joined Aug 2, 2002. . it idles and has good fuel pressure. The minute I put it into gear, its starts to sputter a little In a car/truck, they are two separate pumps, It will generally idle fine but will not rev up Idles fine, but dies as the good news is that it seems to rev now but the bad news is it wont idle so well and Car bogs and chugs with TPS in, won't go past 1500. The car idles just fine. Car will not rev /accelerate. Intermittant, seems At exactly 3,000 RPM, it's like it hits a rev limiter. Code read and get code 17796 p1388 'internal control module memory;checksum error'. Page 1 of 1 [ 5 posts ] Reply with quote. 456 0. Heavey Metal. car idles but wont rev